flying parcels

The last taobao orders are on the way to our apartment (well… we hope…). Did you ever wonder how the order makes its way to the door step? probably not… I will tell you anyway. The goods are collected somewhere in China and delivered to Shanghai by truck. So far so good. All of this… Continue reading flying parcels


Japan China Korea The history of chopsticks in Asia is older than many countries: 5000 years. Originating from China, they began to spread to Japan and Korea. In ancient times, chopsticks were made from trees or bamboo. Initially, they were utilized as sticks to retrieve food cooked in a pot or from fire. Because of… Continue reading Chopsticks


It’s my birthday. May 21. Or 521. And the Chinese meaning of 521: the pronunciation is similar to “wo al ni” – I love you. Born on the day of love. I love Chinese meanings 🙂 Happy birthday to myself! I had a great day. We started the morning with a photo shoot in Shanghai.… Continue reading 521